Feb 2010 - Dementia Support Group - We're There4U

A new group called We're There4U, is being established in Oxfordshire to support family and friends of people affected by dementia.  The aim is to give opportunity for open and informal discussions surrounding the difficulties and concerns.  The support group is targeted at families, friends, staff and volunteers and will meet on a monthly basis in different locations across the Oxfordshire homes.

The objectives are:

  • to strengthen the coping abilities of relatives and friends, encouraging them to maintain a relationship with the person with dementia.
  • to learn about dementia, its progression and the impact it may have on individuals
  • to develop a stronger relationship with families and friends, encouraging teamwork between carers and relatives

The group will be lead by Elaine Ratcliffe, Area Operations Manager, and Cristina Pashmi, County Training Manager who are both excited about the launch of this new support group but are keen to point out that there are limitations; for example, it is not a relacement for therapy of counselling, although contact details for other sources of help can be provided, plus the group is not seeking to be a formal education group led by an expert;  the emphasis is on input from all members of the group based on personal experiences.

The first meeting will be held at Glebe House in Kidlington on Wednesday 31 March.  If you are interested in attending or would like to know more, including dates of future meetings for the year, please contact Elaine or Cristina as follows:-

Cristina Pashmi

07917 700698






Elaine Ratcliffe

07787 151540


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