Digby Court News

Diamond Jubilee Street Party

Last Thursday residents of Dibgy Court were invited to join the other OSJCT homes in LIncolnshire for a Diamond Jubilee Street party at the Epic Centre at Lincoln show ground.

Jubilee Celebrations

Residents at Digby Court had a lovely weekend celebrating the Jubilee courtesy of the Friends of Digby Court. They organised a street party and grand entertainment and

Volunteers Day Out

Volunteers at Digby Court and across Lincolnshire have been given a huge thank you from OSJCT for all the hard work and hours they give for our residents. They were al

Visit to Cranwell Aviation Museum

Today we took our gentlemen (plus one honoury gentleman) on a trip out to Cranwell Aviation Museum. We had a lovely afternoon crashing airplanes in the simulation cockpit,

Dementia Treat Week

Digby Court has been celebrating Dementia Treat Week this week. Residents were asked what they would like for a treat one afternoon and between them they came up with some

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