Henry Cornish Care Centre News

Andy Murray supporters

Some of our residents had Wimbledon Fever when Andy Murray was playing.  They had strawberries and cream and a tipple to watch Andy play.  Comments such as "Well done

A Wish comes true

One of our residents made a wish to see her sister, three years plus had gone by and although they both lived in Chipping Norton they couldn't get to see one another.  Her

Coffee Shop Launch

At Henry Cornish we have just launched a new incentive to encourage residents to enjoy the company of others at our new coffee shop which will be open every Friday from 10.00 t

PAT dog Joe's first visit

We at Henry Cornish had another really great time with the Residents.  We started our Dementia Week with the first visit from our Pat Dog Joe.  Joe had a great time w

Dementia Awareness Week.

To continue the week we had a very posh tea party.  This was held in the Heart of the home because it was just too hot outside.  We had an assortmant of sandwhiches i

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