Marston Court News

Our Bonny Bouncing Residents!

When I heard they were looking for bouncers at Marston Court, I thought we might have problems with late night drinking in the Home...!  But then I heard about the 'Bounci

Becky Price.

It was great to see our old friend Becky Price back at Marston Court! Becky plays the accordian beautifully, and of course everyone sings along when she plays for us!

Ron Saunders on the keyboard.

With the weather being so bad recently, we decided to invite our old friend Ron Saunders back to play for us!  Ron's been coming here since his Uncle Fred u

Barbecue in the nature reserve.

David from the Marston Neighbourhood Church invited some our residents to a barbecue in the Milham Ford nature reserve next to Marston Court on Sunday 15th July. &nbs

Marston Court's very own pageant and flotilla!

While we didn't think we could outdo the Queen's Jubilee Pageant, we thought we might be able to come a close second with our very own flotilla! After much hard work with th

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