Trevone House News

Weston- Super Mare

In the brief period of dry weather in June residents went out for the day to Weston- Super- Mare. All the residents and staff that went had a really nice day.

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

We had a wonderful Jubilee party to celebrate 60 years of the Queens reign. We started of the day watching the Jubilee celebrations and events on the telly.

enjoying the sun

This April we have had some wonderful sunshine and hot weather so we decided to take full advantage of this and do some of our activities well catching some sun and enjoying

Ghost the Owl

We had visit from Falconer Michael he brought his Barn Owl named Ghost with him.   Michael gave us all a talk about Owls and told us about their

G- Fitness

  We had missed Simon and our fortnightly fitness class with him over Christmas, so it was a welcome return to Simon as he got us working up a sweat aft

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