The Elms News


  Our Residents enjoyed a game of skittles with the help of our new Volunteers, Shilan and Cherry.   Paolino lining up his shot.   

Maternity leave

Our Activity Co-Ordinator Charlotte is taking some well earned holiday before starting Maternity leave.  We give Charlotte all our good wishes for the future as a young Mu

Easter Nests

On Maundy Thursday the residents made Easter nests for Good Friday.  We melted chocolate, stirred in the rice crispies, put them in the cake cases and then put the eggs on

Coffee Afternoon

In April we had a coffee afternoon.  Residents and their families supported the event and enjoyed cakes and biscuits made by our Cooks and Activity Co-Ordinator. 

Children Visiting

This week the children from Park School visited and sang to the residents.  The residents enjoyed the singing very much.  The children also brought some flowers with

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