Henlow Court News - Aug 2010


One of our residents celebrated a very special day on Sunday 1 August. Clara and her husband, Arthur were married 61 years ago. At tea time our Head Cook Carla prepared a speci

Bye bye Margaret

One of our residents, Margaret Spooner, came to live with us earlier this year. She was a poorly lady when she arrived, having been in hospital quite some time. Since then she'

Chocks Away!!

Di and Roy got the 'parchute' out last Friday afternoon and got all the residents in one of the lounges involved. The hoots of hilarity brought visitors and staff running from

Beans means work!

As you all know, the Gardening Club at Henlow raise vegetables as well as flowers. Some of the ladies picked blackberries last week and made blackberry and apple pies - see pic

sing a long

Yesterday we welcomed back an old favourite - Rob Dee was here singing his 50's songs. Everyone loves the music from this era. Some of the residents sing along, some tap t

Most Fun Garden

This year, for the first time we entered the Trust garden competition. It is judged by Lady Mander and there are several categories to enter. As John and our volunteer Jam

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