Henlow Court News - Sep 2010

Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday to our Stan, 84 years young yesterday! Andrew the cook made a special Birthday Buffet for Stan and lots of family who visited. We're not sure what he w

Bristol Zoo

Yesterday Di and John took some of the residents to Bristol Zoo. Other staff and some relatives accompanied them, they couldn't have picked a better day. The sun shone and it w

Home made stuffed apples

As we mentioned in one of our previous entries here, having prepared and cooked some blackberry and apple pies, the ladies wanted to try their hand at stuffed apples, something

September karaoke

It's been a while since the residents had the opportunity to gaze in awe at Roy and Lin 'strutting their stuff' - so yesterday that's exactly what was organised. The dining roo

Garden Club

The Gardening Club met last week to pot on the hundreds of seedlings we have for this winter's pansies and wallflowers. It was a lovely day so the residents, John and Di sat in

More garden improvements

After years of struggling (and failing!) to bring the shrubbery at the front of Henlow under control we finally enlisted the help of 'some men who can'! they arrived on Thursda

Mo, Mac and me

We booked a trio for last week who were well recommended but new to us. They are a folk band who perform locally and several staff had seen and heard them. We decided they'd ma

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