Nov 2011 - Another Big Birthday at Westgate

Bert Trewick was born in Stoke Newington on 3rd November 1922 - That makes himm 100 years old.

Pictured here is Bert proudly holding his birthday card from the Queen  






Bert left school aged 13 and has worked in fuve different offices.  The first office taught him shorthand typing which he could do at 120 per minute.  He trained to be an architect, but when times got hard for the firm he moved to an engineering company.  The boss's were so impressed with him they paid for him to attend the local collage for 5 years to study charter surveying.  With his firm he worked in South Africa, Syria and Iran. He stayed with this company for 39 years leaving only to retire. 

Bert married Elsie and on their honeymoon in Berlin they had afternoon tea with the German Lord Mayor, which was just one of the high lights.  Bert and Elsie have two daughters Julia and Elsie.  They have five grand children and eight great grand children.  Bert and Elsie had many hobbies, their favourite beeing travel.  When Bert retired they travelled all over the world visiting countries such as Eygpt, Israel, Russia and most of Europe.  They went on 10 cruises, visited America five times, and watched the rocket launch in Cape Canavral.  Bert says it is difficult to say which was his favourite counrty but he did especially enjoy Canada.

Bert moved from Pangbourne into Westgate house one year ago aged 99.  One of his favourite hobbies is painting and the walls of his room are covered with beautiful pictures of landscapes, animals and flowers, all of which he has painted himself.  He is also a fantastic scabble player and has taught me and the residents how to play so the game is now a regular on the activity schedule.





Bert had a birthday afternoon tea with his friends on Kingfisher.  Champagne, tea, cakes and chocolates were all on the menu.  Followed by a big party in Pangbourne attended by 80 guests.






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