Christmas 2011 at Westgate was as busy as ever.  We had the Christmas Pantamine Dick Whittington.  Our residents enjoyed the lovely costumes, singing, and with a few 'he's behind you' a good time was had by all.

Our 'lunch club' members enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch at The Home Sweet Home in Roke.





St. Marys Church Choir of Wallingford made their annual visit to the home and sang a lovely selection of Chrsitmas carols.

The residents enjoyed a Christmas flower arranging session.  They made a wonderful display of arrangements.





We also enjoyed the school children from the local schools who sang beautiful carols on each unit - making sure that nobody was left out.  We also had a very successful annual Christmas bazaar, with lots of support from familes and friends.

To complete the festivities we had our Christmas party, where the residents enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies.





The staff dressed up and joined in with the singing and dancing (which is always good laughing material.)

2011 was completed with a new years eve pub lunch.


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