Jan 2012 - January Gardening

Since purchasing our new greenhouse, we have become very keen gardeners here at Westgate House.  Twice a month we bring the outside in and have gardening sessions, makeing season related collages followed by a reminiscence quiz.  Pictured below we have Marge and Derek planting their primulas, and Marge and Gwen planting their onions.  These are kept in the greenhouse until they are ready to be brought into the warmth of the home.















Also in January 'The Lunch Club' visited the Bear at North Moreton.  The lunch club has an aim to visit as many olde worlde pubs in our area.  Living in the country we have so many lovely old buildings with huge amounts of character in our surrounding villages.  The residents enjoyed fresh haddock and chips, chicken curry, ham egg and chips all washed down with a pint of bitter or glass of sherry.  There is something quite special about sitting in a restaurant with an open fire blazing in the corner, oak beams and just drinking in the atmosphere.

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