Jun 2008 - BASMOM Experience

In May I was handed an envelope from Beryl which I opened immediately.  It was a request for me to join her at the Oratory on the 24th June while she received her Silver Medal from The Order of Malta.  I was overwhelmed, shocked and excited all at once; it would be a great opportunity for a new outfit !!!!  Of course I accepted and before I knew it the day had arrived.  We arrived in plenty of time and were met by Nigel Reed who posed with us for photos before we went in.  The Oratory was totally overwhelming and the decor was exquisite,  I had to keep pinching myself, I couldn't believe until then how important and special an occasion it was.  The ceremony lasted 2 hours and a large part of it was in Latin.  When Beryl was presented with her Silver Medal I felt so proud that she had asked me to be a part of her special day.  After the ceremony we went to the Oratory Gardens for a Champagne Luncheon along with all the other recipients. 

The whole day from start to finish is something that I will always remember, to me it would be a once in a lifetime experience!!!

Meri Coleman





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