• Our own chefs

At The Orders of St John Care Trust, we pride ourselves on delivering fresh, tasty and nutritious meals for all of our residents.

As a new resident with us here at OSJCT the homes Cook, or Chef will spend some time discussing the preferences and needs of the individual. These preferences will be regularly reviewed with the resident and our home Catering team to ensure we understand the nutritional requirements and food preferences.  

Every OSJCT home features a talented Cook or Chef and catering team who prepare meals that are catered to the individual dietary needs and to the preferences of our residents. Our menus change daily, so every resident is able to choose what they wish to eat.

Whilst we are proud to serve delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners, there is always freshly baked cakes and snacks readily available for residents and family members and friends to enjoy. The kettle is always on, meaning hot drinks such as Tea and Coffee are readily available to residents at their leisure.

We know that mealtimes are traditionally a time for family’s to sit together and reflect on the day, within our homes this is no different. We encourage family and friends to join their loved on and enjoy dining with them, whether this be for a special occasion or simply to enjoy your evening meal together. With a little notice we are happy provide a few extra plates for visiting family and friends.