We're here to help and support you, whatever your individual requirements.

At OSJCT we recognise that every one of our residents will have different requirements. We deliver individual, high quality care, respecting privacy and dignity and above all allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. We will always consult with you and your loved ones, and involve you in decisions about your home, your lifestyle and the way we provide the high quality support and care that will meet your needs.

We make sure that all members of our staff are properly trained to be able to handle the needs of the residents they are looking after. That means everyone – both care and non-care staff – will be given specialist training in all appropriate and necessary areas of care delivery. And that doesn’t mean just statutory training. We encourage our staff to widen their horizons and develop their care skills as far as possible.

The broad range of care services we offer fall into the following categories:

You can read about each of these by clicking on the different headings in this section of our website. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us to talk to one of our Operations team: 01993 323232.