At The Orders of St John Care Trust, our specialist dementia care offers an innovative but practical approach to caring for people living with dementia and provides support for family and friends.

We know that living with dementia brings its own challenges, both for the person concerned and for their families and friends.  Rest assured, we're here to help and ensure that you can still enjoy an independent and fulfilling lifestyle.

Specialist living environments

Here at OSJCT we design our new homes into small households to ensure the environment is familiar and cosy and so as people see the same individuals most days just like in a traditional home. The use of colour and other visual cues, with signage and tactile decoration helps residents to find their way around the home. We understand that quality of life for older people is influenced by the environment in which they live, with good design increasingly recognised as an important aid in the care of people living with dementia.

Reinforced by various studies suggesting a small ‘home like’ environment is beneficial for older people living with dementia, the ‘household’ model developed for OSJCT new build OSJCT’s new care homes incorporates these design features. In our older homes, we have adapted and refurbished different areas in specific themes, for example an old-fashioned tea room, an indoor potting shed or a beach scene. 

Dementia and care training excellence

All of our employees – from carers to cooks – have dementia specific training, to help them understand the needs of a person living with dementia. This means our teams are well equipped to understand and support people’s individual situations.

The majority of homes also have a Dementia Lead whose responsibility it is to make sure everyone is up to date with the latest learning on dementia and are always championing the best quality care. 

Our care is centred around each individual, and their unique likes and dislikes. We do this by finding out people’s life story and individually tailoring care plans. This also means we really get to know everyone so we can chat and help them feel reassured. Everyone can still enjoy their favourite interests and social activities. Wherever possible, we encourage reminiscence to relive happy memories and events.

Some of our homes specialise in caring for people with the advanced stages of dementia, where we employ managers with a special interest and expertise in this area to help enhance people’s lives

Across the Trust, we have four of our own Admiral Nurses, these are specialist mental health nurses who specialise in dementia. They can offer:

  • skilled assessment of the needs of family carers and people living with dementia;
  • support groups for relatives (including Memory Cafes); and
  • practical advice, information and skills to help you cope better, especially in dealing with feelings and emotions.

To see more about the role our Admiral Nurses play in caring for your loved one, watch Dementia UK's video and meet Matthew, a Dementia UK Admiral Nurse in Wakefield.

To find out more

We have created a Dementia Care leaflet to help you understand the service that The Orders of St John Care Trust can provide for those living with Dementia. In 2017 we launched our Dementia Care Framework. The framework identified life story work as an important and valuable tool in maximising the quality of care for our residents who have been diagnosed with dementia. 

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We have over 70 care homes across four counties; Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.  Each of our homes has their own unique character – just like our residents, but what they all have in common is the OSJCT ethos of care, where the individual person is at the heart of everything we do.
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If you would like to know more about our dementia care in one of our homes, please call us on 0800 988 8133 or send us an email