• Janet and Karen
  • Janet with her volunteer group

Janet Collins has been volunteering at The Orders of St John Care Trust’s Ridgeway House, Wootton Basset since 1988

After some fulfilling 30 years within the Trust, Janet has decided the time has come to retire. Janet has been volunteering in the Day Care Centre and has helped with fundraising, going on trips with residents and running activities like bingo and quizzes. Janet has even helped with serving meals for the residents at meal times.

Janet volunteered every Thursday and rarely missed a week, her personality and smile will be missed by the team and all of the homes residents.  She always had a smile for everyone and would always stop for a chat. During her time at Ridgeway House, Janet was included in the celebrations of the Olympic Torch passing through Wootton Basset in 2012.

To celebrate the wonderful dedication and support that Janet has provided over the last 30 years, her friends at Ridgeway House held a party to celebrate this fantastic achievement. Janet was accompanied at the party by her husband, Alan. Also at the party were volunteers from past and present.

Janet was also presented with a rose tree, orchid, mugs, and a -brooch from all of her friends at Ridgeway House.