Bicester’s Langford View Care Home drew attention to the benefits of reminiscence therapy during Dementia Action Week (20th-26th May 2019).

Residents took a trip down memory lane by examining a range of different vintage objects and reminiscing what life was like when they were commonplace. Ranging from traditional typewriters and cameras to rotary phones and record players, residents reflected on how everyday objects have changed over the years and shared their experiences of having used them in the past.

It’s very likely that most of us have experienced the struggle of trying to recall insignificant short-term memories like these, yet occasionally a certain scent or song can transport us back years to events from our pasts that seem like they happened only yesterday. These memories can stick with us in detail for many years.

For people living with dementia, memory loss is often one of the first things that begins to worsen as the condition effects their cognitive behaviour and recall.

Providing opportunities for people living with dementia to reminisce about the past can help them feel less isolated and more connected to the present, experts say. Research by Alzheimer’s Society shows that reminiscence can help to maintain people’s self-esteem, confidence and sense of self, as well as improve social interactions with others.

Angie Williams, one of OSJCT’s specialist dementia Admiral Nurses, says: “I am proud that homes across OSJCT like Langford View are participating in various activities to mark Dementia Action Week. Many hundreds of thousands of families in the UK are affected by dementia so it is important we use opportunities like these to demonstrate ways we can all help enhance the lives of those living with the condition.”

If you would like to find out more about the activities and events at Langford View please call the home on 01869 252343, visit the webpage or follow us on Facebook.