Avonbourne Care Centre, operated by The Orders of St John Care Trust, had resident Phyllis Haley featured on the current BBC Radio 4 series ‘Living Memory’.

108-year-old Phyllis answered an array of questions including proudly talking about her husband, who was a colonel in the army, and of her siblings who she missed greatly.

When asked if she was an optimist person, Phyllis answered: “Oh rather. I take each day as it comes and I always have done – just live and enjoy it. No use worrying about things. If you worry they don’t come and if you don’t worry they come.”

Did she have any advice for the younger generation? “No, let them get on with it”, she replied.

Dan Hayes, Chief Executive at OSJCT, comments: “We were delighted to hear our resident at Avonbourne Care Centre featured and to have been able to help support BBC Radio 4 with their programme Living Memory. The programme was a reminder to us all of the vibrancy and good quality of life that can be enjoyed at over 100 years of age. It also showed that people of such great age remain engaged with current issues and can offer a real contribution to the debate. Typical of this generation is the extent to which they care for the generation that have come after them.”

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