Residents at Goodson Lodge enjoyed a trip to Oakham Treasure’s last week. Leaving the home by minibus at 10:00am they headed off to Bristol.

It was a beautiful day and as the sun shone in through the windows, the lack of a need for coats made a welcome change after what has felt like a very long winter. 

Oakham Treasures is one of the largest privately-owned museums of retail and farming history in the UK and a work of passion from one, 5th generation, west country farmer; Keith Sherrell.  It features a variety of old fashioned shops including a Grocery Store, Sweet Shop, Hardware Store, Haberdashery, Off-Licence and Tobacconist, Chemist and a Tractor and Farm Museum.

Residents loved looking at all the old-fashioned memorabilia which allowed many of them to reminisce about their childhood, unravelling vivid memories long since forgotten. Residents were particularly drawn to wartime items including ration books and gas masks. One resident remembered the sound of an air raid siren and gave her best impression to the group.

The driver Jude, part of the organisation Oomph who supply our minibus and help us to organise trips, always tags along with the residents and helps them make the most of their experience. She commented, “The museum is huge and brought back lots of memories, we enjoyed looking around and trying to guess the uses of some of the more obscure displays - we still don't know what the odd-looking bottle is which says sanitary fountain! We were all ready to sit down by lunch time”.

After lunch, when all the magic of Oakham had been thoroughly absorbed the residents swung by Portishead sea front for a view of the sea and a cheeky ice-cream before a casual drive home.

All the residents expressed how much they had enjoyed the day and it is definitely a trip Goodson will enjoy again in the future.