Residents from Langford View Care Home in Bicester were the happy recipients of acts of kindness over the summer when the Facebook group ‘Bicester Acts of Kindness’ agreed to send postcards to the home from their holidays.

The group was set up with an aim to give Bicester the reputation of being a kind town and is a forum for sharing kind acts that have been carried out or witnessed. As the group says on its profile, “every act of kindness makes a difference to our town,” and may in turn encourage others to follow suit.

The postcards from the group began arriving in August and have not stopped since. From Italy to Devon, Glasgow to Switzerland the senders’ holidays were interesting and varied. Residents enjoyed reading all about them and discussing where they have been on holiday in the past themselves, forming part of the reminiscence as therapy activity programme at the home. Receiving the postcards was a novelty in itself; it is something that happens less and less frequently, and it is always touching to know you are being thought of, especially from such a distance.

Residents of Langford View have invited the senders of the postcards to come along to one of the weekly coffee mornings held at the home each Friday. The residents look forward to meeting the people who have taken the time to correspond with them and will enjoy hearing about their travels in person.

If you would like to correspond with residents at Langford View, please do get in touch; the home would love to hear from you. If you’d prefer to meet the residents in person then please do attend our weekly coffee mornings where everyone is welcome.