On Friday the 7th of September, our residents were delighted to have Zoolab come in with a host of animals you wouldn't expect to find in a care home.

Zoolab brought in a range of reptiles and insects to share with our residents. The lovely staff at Zoolab helped rid our residents’ of the myths that surround a number of some very misunderstood creatures. 

Our residents got to touch and see a Giant African Snail, which more than delighted one of them who asked if we could keep it as a pet. They got to handle a snake, which was a first for many of our residents.

Residents also held one of the most misunderstood creatures, a cockroach! However, after a chat with the team everyone now knows what wonderful creatures they can be. As well as how important they are to our ecosystem.

They also got to pet a much less misunderstood creature; A giant and very fluffy Guinea Pig who wanted to be everyone’s friend. Overall it was a wonderful day filled with many smiles.

Zoolab are well known with our residents here at Avonbourne; with previous visit. It seems every visit gets better and more exotic animals shown each time, we await the next visit with great anticipation.