• Care Home Open Day 2019 - Lincolnshire

Care Home Open Day 2019 takes place on Friday 28th June and is 'Celebrating Arts in Care'. Here is a snapshot of what Lincolnshire is up to...

Care Home Open Day this year is on Friday the 28th of June and the theme is ‘Celebrating Arts in Care’. The day allows care homes across the country to open their doors to the public for a fun-filled event promoting interaction, experiences and memories for the residents in the homes.

Carehome.co.uk has noted that care homes are “incredibly creative communities”. The Care Home Open Day gives residents the opportunity to be part of a national event showcasing their hobbies, talents and enjoyment through painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, movement, drama and music. Any art form can be portrayed.

At OSJCT our county homes are busy preparing for the day. Here is a snapshot of Lincolnshire’s plans.


Apple Trees – The theme will be ‘Celebration of Summer’ which will include Wimbledon with strawberries and cream. Music will be accompanied alongside a holiday on the beach dressing up event.

Beckside – Will be holding arts and crafts with the residents on the day including an exhibition of all the work with refreshments, includes cakes baked by the residents, for all to enjoy.

Boultham Park House – Is hosting an old time musical themed event with an afternoon tea party alongside the opening of the home’s newly refurbished café.

Digby Court – Will be displaying art work created by residents relating to the refurbishment of the lounge area. Relatives, families and the local community is invited to come along.

Ermine House – Local artists will be coming to the home to give art lessons in the garden and to help residents create their own pieces of work.

Gregory House – The residents will be engaging in several art and craft workshops including glass making, art classes, photography and the continuation of the Elder Tree writing project. On the actual day there will be a ‘big’ unveiling for everyone to see.

Fosse House – Children from Lincoln Minster school will be coming to sing for the residents in the morning. In the afternoon, the dining area will be turned into an art studio from colouring to finger painting to clay mounting. Family, friends and the community are invited to explore their creative side with the residents.

Hartsholme House –  Is displaying pottery and crafts created by the residents and the volunteers. During the day there will be a sing-a-long with the local ukulele band.

Skirbeck Court – Is having a picnic in the garden on the day.

Whitfrairs – Will be visited by the Rocking Horse nursery for a community painting session which will show residents hand prints and children images displayed on a canvas. Carers will also be dressing up in a 1960’s theme with an entertainer performing the decade.