Spencer Court in Woodstock recently invited a local chiropractor in to speak with home’s team about ways in which they can keep their bodies fit and healthy as they work.

During the talk, Dr Matthew Scroggs introduced himself and what his practice in Woodstock does. He explained what parts of the body benefit from chiropractic treatments and he demonstrated a range of stretches and exercises that can prevent and manage back pain, one of which was the ‘superhero’ pose in which you go on hands and knees and then stretch out opposite arms and legs.

Admin Assistant Sophie Washington said of the talk: “I found it useful and it has made me think about how important it is to take care of our backs. I will be doing some of the stretches Dr Matt suggested.”

Spencer Court Home Manager, Anna Odeyemi, said: “It is important for our team’s health and wellbeing to learn the best exercises and techniques that will help prevent back pain. A career in care means being very active so, along with the wide range of training provided by the Trust, it can be useful to have a third party like Dr Matthew explaining the benefits of different techniques.”