Baby chicks have arrived at Spencer Court in Woodstock, bringing joy to residents and the team just in time for Easter

For 10 days the home is caring for a clutch of baby chicks that have hatched from their eggs inside a special incubator. They were delivered to Spencer Court by Living Eggs, a company that provides specialist equipment as well as the embryo eggs as part of a comprehensive 10-day programme.

Residents and staff alike watched eggspectantly as the first few cracks appeared on each egg, waiting until the shell came away revealing the new chick inside. The chicks were rather still and bedraggled at first, but they soon found their feet, and thanks to the warmth of the incubator, their down became soft and fluffy: dark for female chicks and light yellow for males.

Living Eggs have provided us with detailed instructions for the chicks’ care until they are collected, ensuring they have everything they need during their first few days. All that is left for residents to do is to name the new arrivals. One has already been named Ralph and residents are going to decide together on the other chicks’ names.

Home Manager, Anna Odeyemi, said she is thrilled to see the residents smiles at the sight of the chicks. Their arrival just in time for the Easter weekend has made it an eggstra special occasion, with lots to celebrate.

The chicks’ progress has been charted on Spencer Court’s Facebook page, so please do follow the page for more #hatchwatch updates and other news from the home.