When Lisa Duffy, Manager of Stirlings Care Home in Wantage discovered resident June Willis’ lifelong love of motorbikes, she was determined to make sure June could fulfil a dream of going for a spin once again.

June has had a passion for motorbikes ever since her husband Bob took her for rides on the back of his AJS motorcycle while they were courting. The 91-year-old retiree says: “We went flying along all over the place. We went on holiday to places like Salisbury, Highcliffe and Southampton on the bikes. We enjoyed driving around with the wind against us.”

On discovering this passion, Lisa and the team at Stirlings worked with June’s son, Dave, and his friends to arrange for June to travel in a trike as part of a convoy for an exciting blast from her past.

Between Christmas and the new year, a group of bikers arrived at Stirlings and, after collecting June, commenced on a trip around Wantage and the local area in convoy. Wrapped up warmly against the December weather with blankets and hot water bottles, June travelled in a lime green trike called ‘Little Miss Daisy’.

And the verdict? “I loved it very much!” said June. “The noises and smells of the bikes brought back all the memories of the places we have been. It was nice to remember that feeling of the wind blowing in my hair and people looking at me and saying, ‘What’s she doing?!’”

Lisa says of the event: “We were all so excited to see June in her element. She has got such a passion for bikes and we have heard all about the trips she took in the past, so it was lovely to enable her to do this.”

At 91 years of age, June has proved you can never be too old to continue to do something you love.