From the 22nd to the 28th of February Avonbourne celebrated a number of different decades, starting with the 1980s. Joining other The Order of St Johns Care Trust Care Homes across the country to help bust some of the myths about living in a care home in the annual ‘I Can’t Believe It’s a Carehome’ challenge.

Each day Avonbourne had a mini make over. Residents in the previous week had worked hard on decorations to match the eras, that was set to culminate in a 40s celebration. To make the day more authentic the kitchen made the daily menu match popular foods of the decade. Avonbourne’s cinema also showed blockbuster movies of the era for residents to reminisce about.

For the 1970s Avonbourne residents made the ever-popular bread and butter pudding, which filled the home with a wonderful smell. There wasn’t even a morsel left after it had cooled down. The 1960s seemed to be everyone’s favourite era. We celebrated with psychedelic music and a craft session where residents painted and coloured in Beatles LP covers, staff donned afro wigs and groovy glasses which provided the residents with much entertainment.

The 1950s rolled round and it was time for a long time Avonbourne entertainer lovingly known as ‘Ukele Piddle’ or Paul for short to entertain the residents with famous 50s hits. Including hits such as Jail House rock by Elvis and a number of Buddy Holly songs. Many of which had the residents on their feet dancing away.

The 1940s was set to be Avonbourne’s big party. The Compass café was transformed into a 1940s theme that was truly striking. Camo nets and old war time posters were hung to support the 1940s theme. Residents were presented with ration books that contained their menu for the morning. War time tunes played in the background and residents enjoyed some popular foods from the 1940s. Residents loved ones and the local community joined in to hear stories of how many lived through the 1940s and what life was really like then.  It was truly a party to remember.

If you’d like to get involved at Avonbourne to help enrich the lives of its residents, the home is always on the lookout for people who share their passion for care. There are many ways you can get involved: