• Frankie the Ghost!

Residents, staff and the youngest members of our communities came together in many of our homes across the county to celebrate Halloween this week.

There was a whole host of ghoulish goings-on from dressing up, pumpkin carving, making decorations and creating pictures to display around the homes.

Goodson Lodge in Trowbridge welcomed over 40 guests to a party which got underway with apple bobbing and bat hunting.  Children searched high and low for the bats, each of which had a letter on its back.  The challenge was to spell out a Halloween phrase to win a bag of sweets.  Doughnuts on a string also made for a fun, if not messy challenge.

A balloon artist delighted both children and adults alike with his creations, whilst music provided too much of a temptation for many of the residents who danced the night away.  

Competition was fierce amongst the children for the best Halloween costume but order was once again restored when all of the younger guests received a goody bag at the end of the evening.  Safe to say, a good time was had by all!             

 At Athelstan House in Malmesbury, residents were delighted to welcome 20 very special guests from the Messy Miniatures Toddler Group to join in the Halloween fun.

Residents were amazed at the children’s outfits like Frankie, the ghost (pictured).

After lunch, everyone enjoyed a spooky afternoon watching the old favourite ‘Carry on Screaming’.

They concluded that the celebrations really hit the spot as Halloween hadn’t been celebrated in previous years.

At Coombe End Court in Marlborough, residents baked a pumpkin cake, wrote scary stories and took part in a special Halloween quiz.

Elsewhere across the county at Ridgeway in Royal Wootton Bassett, Seymour House in Chippenham, Bartlett House in Ludgershall and Fives Court in Mere, residents, staff and visitors enjoyed dressing up in Halloween costumes and pumpkin carving.

All over the county, residents, teams, families and visitors alike really enjoyed getting into the spirit of Halloween and are already looking forward to Christmas celebrations.