OSJCT Brookside resident, Mrs Catherin Joan Rivers celebrated her 100th birthday at the home recently.

Mrs Catherin Joan Rivers, affectionately known as Joan, recently celebrated her 100th birthday with her fellow residents and the team at Brookside. Her family started to arrive mid-morning bearing armfuls of flowers and cards. Her daughters, Poppy and Dawn, arrived to Joan’s delight along with her grandson who had travelled all the way from The States to surprise his Grandmother on her special birthday. A very special card arrived from Her Majesty the Queen, followed by a telegram from Amber Rudd, both of which arrived by special delivery.  We had asked Joan what she would like for her special day and it was her wish for Elvis to sing for her, we duly obliged and he arrived on cue to entertain everyone. 

Joan’s family continued to arrive and whilst Elvis did his stuff everyone was dancing merrily.  The kitchen team had prepared a birthday buffet and Joan’s family had arranged for a beautiful birthday cake to be made, which was shared amongst everyone.  A photographer arrived from the Wiltshire Times to capture the special occasion. They asked Joan what her secret was to a long life, to which she replied, “hard work”.  Joan partied for the whole day and was still bright and breezy the following morning, we don’t know what she’s doing, but whatever it is it’s keeping her young at heart!

Joan has been a permanent resident at Brookside since 2016 but had enjoyed respite stays previously.  Along with lots of flowers and gifts from everyone, we presented Joan with a folder full of photos of her many happy days at Brookside, the last page reads to be continued. We are sure there will be many more photos to add.