Residents, staff and the community celebrated Halloween at Goodson Lodge yesterday with a fantastic party where everyone was invited to come and join a host of ghoulish activities.

It all started the day before when residents enjoyed a variety of activities in preparation for the main event. They carved pumpkins, made pompom spiders, crafted paper chains and coloured spooky pictures for display. This complemented the various cobwebs, banners and wall hangings which were used to decorate the home, including a Dracula, Frankenstein and spiders as well as mini pumpkins which were thoughtfully placed around the home.

The fun kicked off at 5:30pm and Goodson Lodge was pleased to host no fewer than forty visitors, many of whom were parents accompanying children dressed in their best spooky finery. Apple bobbing and bat hunting were the first activities to be enjoyed. One resident commented that she didn’t try the apple bobbing as she feared she might lose her teeth! Although many others were keen to get stuck in. Children searched high and low for our bats, each of which had a letter on the back. The challenge was to spell out a Halloween phrase, in this case ‘trick or treat’, to win a bag of sweets. Doughnuts on a string also made for a fun, if not messy challenge.

As the balloon animal artist took centre stage, residents and visitors were delighted with the many creations, including pumpkins, aliens, broomsticks, wands, flowers and hats.

As the night went on we were treated to the musical stylings of James Hogg who entertained the masses with his various renditions. Family members were delighted to see six of the residents got up for their turn on the dance floor, most of whom were accompanied by our newest activity co-ordinator Sian. Family members were really thrilled to see their loved ones in such high spirits with one commenting, “I haven’t seen Mum that joyful in years”. One of our newest residents who joined the festivities said “I have never attended a Halloween party before but thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children in their costumes.” He hoped there would be a repeat event next year. His wife agreed that the children were adorable, if a little creepy!

The best dressed child competition proved fierce with some very strong entries, but residents Janet and Ann decided that Freddie the Vampire won for the boys and Sofi in her homemade day of the dead mask and skeleton ensemble won best dressed girl.

Each child left with a goodie bag filled with a spooky transfer tattoo, a wind-up bug toy, a Halloween stamp and a bag of sweets .

After the event had died down residents Janet and Muriel both paid special thanks to the activities team for their hard work in putting the party together. A good sign that all involved had a fabulous time.