The Elms in Stonehouse has worked with their local primary school to make music with the support of Gloucestershire Academy of Music.

Residents at The Elms have been welcoming year one children from Stonehouse Park Infants since October as part of a project with Gloucestershire Academy of Music. This project has been an opportunity for children to interact with older people, they have been able to teach each other new songs and learn from one another.

Becky Chevis from Gloucestershire Academy of Music said “The residents light up when the children walk in and it is wonderful seeing them singing and doing the actions to songs along with the children!

Most of the songs we have been singing have been suggested by the residents and I hope they feel a sense of ownership over the sessions – they have so much they can offer these children!

As is to be expected, I think the children were nervous when they started to visit The Elms but they now seem a lot more comfortable here and they are a lot more keen to meet the residents! The children love seeing the residents joining in and knowing that they have made the residents happy!

Both the children and the residents have so much to offer one another. They have enjoyed having fun together over the past few months, as well as growing musically and learning more about one another.”

Some of the children have had very little interaction with older people as they are only 5 and 6 years old and this project has broken down those barriers.

Lauren Katt class teacher at Stonehouse Park Infants said “The experience has been good for the children and they’ve loved it. They’ve learnt new songs and practised songs they knew, and they’ve really built their confidence”.

One of the residents gave a heart-warming speech to the children as they have enjoyed the children visiting weekly so much. We hope our residents and the year one children will be reunited again soon.