For national storytelling week The Lakes Care Centre were delighted to welcome Nick Gibbs.

Speaker Nick Gibbs attended our monthly Gents’ Club this week to talk about his experiences with memory and head injuries. It was a pleasure to see so many of our local community in attendance as well as our regular gentleman from the club. Nick arrived and sat with our residents plus our community visitors before the talk began, drinking tea and eating biscuits as though he had known everyone for years!

Once the audience had settled, Nick spoke of how his life has changed since suffering a severe head injury after being knocked off his bicycle in 2014. He was in a coma for 10 days but was fortunate to regain consciousness without suffering any visible physical damage. Nick could walk, talk, read and write, and all his limbs were working perfectly, however, he had suffered a brain injury.

Nick’s talk was highly engaging and entertaining; he detailed the initial months after his accident and told of how his thoughts of escape overcame him; he even asked him family to bring a power drill to his bedside in order to take the screws from the window frames! His tales of being a hospital-bound escapologist, a kitchen porter, handyman, peddler of wooden helicopters and grounds man were informative as well as getting more than a laugh or two from the crowd!

After the talk, the audience gave donations for the charity Headways, a charity very close to Nick’s heart. It was great to see everyone enjoy this talk so much and to be able to laugh along, and we hope to hear Nick speak again in the future,

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