Residents and colleagues at OSJCT Grace Care Centre welcomed the local ‘Yate Ukulele Band’ with friendly smiles and laughter. Grace’s Café bar was turned into a viewing concert ‘amphitheatre style’.

The Sun maybe deciding to hide more these days; but that did not stop our residents and staff having a blast with some friends and popular music all played on the Ukulele’s. Our residents were able to enjoy many songs going back to the 50’s and 60’s all the way to present day classics, giving us all a chance to sing along.

Suddenly, you take a glance and see some of the residents with instruments, smiles and well; to be honest some excellent rhythm,

All of us here at OSJCT Grace Care Centre and on behalf of the residents would like to thank the Yate Ukulele Band for their time.

Our residents on the 5th of September also held a ‘Reminiscence day’ in our activity room allowing everyone to express their stories and memories from an incredible time in their lives growing up during World War II.

All the stories told were incredible, and some great memories and some not so great; but every story told was a blessing to hear!

Our residents were then able to examine a few different time relevant items such as ‘sewing kits’, ‘toaster’, ‘photographs’ and some ‘recipes’.