It's election time again and we're re-energising our

With local elections in some areas at the beginning of May and the all-important Referendum about our membership of the European Union in June, we are again working hard to make sure all our residents have the opportunity to have their say.

The first important step is to make sure you are registered to vote.  You can check that you or your loved one is properly registered on the electoral role by going online and using this link: If you have any difficulties at all, then you should call your local Electoral Registration Officer.  Contact details for this person can be found by clicking here, and putting your postcode in the pink box in top right hand corner of the page.

Key dates for the local elections on 5 May are as follows:                                            

Registration Deadline                            Mon 18 April                                          

Application for Postal vote by               Tues 19 April            

Submission of postal vote by                Thurs 5 May             

Date of Election                                    Thurs 5 May            

The European Referendum is being held nationally on 23 June.

Everyone can vote in the referendum. If people are already registered they don’t need to register again but don't forget that they may want to register for a postal vote.

Key dates for the Referendum are as follows:                                            

Registration Deadline                           Tues 7 June                         

Application for Postal vote by               Wed 8 June  

Submission of postal vote by                Thurs 23 June

Date of Election                                    Thurs 23 June

REMEMBER: Your vote counts, so make sure you have the opportunity to have your say.