Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer of England, visited Millbrook Lodge in Gloucestershire last week (Friday 13 January) to talk to Home Manager Robin Willmott and his team about their work on the Teaching Care Home project.

As mentioned in the December issue of Team Brief,​ Millbrook Lodge was selected to take part in a national programme which has been designed to highlight the 'excellent, creative practice' that occurs in care homes every day. Millbrook joined with four other homes from a variety of providers and took part in a programme of study and development. This work is being published in Nursing Times​ and on the Foundation of Nursing Studies website to show how progressive care homes have become and how they are attractive to both live and work in.

The structure of the development programme is based on the McCormack model of person centred care and our challenge was to consider new ways to embed personhood into the running of the home.

In addition to this, the project team are running a local research project with the CCG to look at how to facilitate safer person-centred transfers of care from hospital to care homes and vice versa. This project will again be published in the Nursing Times to demonstrate the 'forward thinking' that is working in care homes. The Department of Health has already expressed an interest in the programme and possible further funding will enable roll out to an additional 20 homes nationally.

Robin said, "As a result of this work we've been able to highlight the daily excellent practice that occurs in care homes and we were absolutely delighted to share this with Jane". ​