• Resident and gym instructor

They say exercise is key to a longer and happier life, but it’s not every day that you hear of someone living in a care home who still trains at the gym regularly and has a personal trainer. However, that is exactly what one of our residents does!

Liz who lives at Edwardstow Court in Stow-on-the-Wold has always been really active and she didn’t want that to change just because she is living in a care setting. The team at Edwardstow wanted Liz to continue with all the activities she has always enjoyed, so the team have found accessible transport to take her to a local gym and a personal trainer who attends the home.

Melissa Jones who has been a personal trainer in Stow for over 10 years regularly visits Liz at Edwardstow Court to train and support her to keep her strength and in turn this helps Liz to remain as independent as possible. Melissa said “I do this for strength, but I also do it to support a good mindset, I put feel good music on and we have a singalong. I love being able to see a difference in Liz since we started training. She’s great, she’s just great and I really enjoy it“.

Liz and Melissa always wear their neon active wear and have the music turned up loud, Liz loves having a little dance and singalong throughout the session too. Liz says “Having these sessions makes me feel more alive”

Melissa always ensures she explains what they are doing throughout the sessions and how this will benefit Liz. Melissa has built a great friendship with Liz and the sessions are so much more than just keeping fit and strong.