Two sisters, Doreen Morgen (88 years old) and Cynthia Steedman (87 years old), met after nearly four years apart at OSJCT Longlands and with thanks to Lea Mason, the home manager at Longlands.

When Lea was working at OSJCT Stirlings in Wantage, she had spent much time with Doreen who spoke of her sister Cynthia a great deal. The two sisters had unfortunately lost contact as the families moved away from each other due to circumstance. When Lea moved to Longlands, as the Home Manager, she happened to see Cynthia’s name and the penny dropped. What an amazing coincidence that they were both at OSJCT homes. Thereafter, Lea organised for the sisters to speak on the phone and then the face to face reunion.

Lea comments: “It is beyond words and an honour to have been able to bring Doreen and Cynthia together again. I am so happy to have seen the connection and to put everything in motion with the help of the OSJCT team here at Longlands and at Stirlings. To make their wish come true and to see the joy on their faces is something I will never forget.”

Cynthia’s sons Adrian and Laurance said: “It is so wonderful what The Orders of St John Care Trust and Lea Mason did to help bring together our mother with our aunt. Both our families were present at the reunion and it was one for all of us as relatives, too. It was really moving to have witnessed such a special moment between the two of them.”

Cynthia and Doreen enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea with their families, other residents and the carers at the home with a beautiful cake to mark this wonderful occasion.

Doreen expressed she was “absolutely over the moon” to be with her sister again. Cynthia noted that before the reunion: “I had everything I wanted but not my precious sister.”

*Photo courtesy of Oxford Mail*

At OSJCT, our employees are dedicated to our residents and it is very fulfilling to be able to help and to support their wishes.