The Orders of St John Care Trust has launched a new catering initiative using a software platform called Saffron.

This online catering support software, sponsored by our food supply partner, Creed Food Services, will be used by the Trust’s chefs and cooks. Saffron will have the following benefits for the chefs and the residents:

  • There is a collection of over 200 OSJCT recipes on Saffron that have been nutritionally analysed.  This extends the range of recipes to use, offers consistency in quality, food preparation and costs.
  • The prices of the ingredients are live as Creed uploads any changes as they arise
  • The nutritional value and allergen content of every recipe is shown
  • There is a guide to portion size, based on the needs of the elderly in our care
  • Saffron saves time – the range of recipes already loaded means less time needed in searching and costing recipes
  • Pictures can be loaded onto each recipe to help residents engage with choice and appetite and to help staff present the food well
  • Saffron will help us reduce food wastage.

The objective is for Saffron to become a day-to-day tool in the kitchen, to manage menus and food budgets, and to ensure the residents have consistently high standards of meals across the Trust.

Rosie Ward, the Saffron Technical Manager at Creed, has run four regional training sessions with a number of additional ad hock training sessions via Skype to introduce Saffron to the chefs and cooks, and to highlight the advantages of using the system.

“In partnerships with The Orders of St John Care Trust, we are looking to establish Saffron Nutrition Software as part of the Group’s day to day working within the catering teams,” Andy Williams, Account Manager for OSJCT at Creed, said. “We are on a positive journey with Saffron, which will ultimately lead to improved health and well-being for the residents. This will be done by ensuring there are menu and recipes available to suit any need or diet, with the given breakdown of nutrition, allergen, methodology and cost. In the background, we are constantly looking for ways to work together and make Saffron a much more usable and engaging tool for the catering teams. By adopting this project, we have the possibility of hitting government dietary recommendations set by Public Health England which could help OSJCT achieve accredited status, such as ‘Food for Life Served Here’. I have worked in the care home catering industry for nearly 10 years, I am excited to work at the forefront of making a real difference to the health and well-being of residents.