Results of Oxfordshire's Trust in Bloom Competition 2016

This year we had the pleasure of having Oxfordshire’s Trustee’s, Millie Wentworth-Stanley judge the gardens again, along with Volunteer and Events Manager, Stephanie Hall. It was a difficult competition to judge with lots of hard work being evident from a variety of people including Activity Coordinators, carers, handymen, admin staff, families and not least our residents.

Big congratulations to all winners and runner-up’s and a huge thank you for all of your efforts.

Our regional winners and runner-up’s are as follows:

Best Overall Garden: 

1st Place:  Meadowcroft – As you enter the rear garden, you are welcomed by a lovely signpost, blue chairs and table and lovely bright flower pots with various flowers and plants. The garden has so much variety and has been very well thought through with a memory lane walkway, vegetable garden, old fashioned bumper car filled with flowers and a seaside area. The ’90 Glorious Years’ entry was also very impressive with a hand made ‘Rule Britannia’ boat with some lovely red and blue flowers and bunting.

2nd Place: Longlands – A lot of hard work had gone in to the gardens at Longlands and it was evident to see that the employees there were very proud of what they had achieved and rightly so. The gardens were very well kept and there were lots of lovely tubs and planters full with a variety of flowers and shrubs. The front entrance was also very welcoming with some lovely pink, green and red planters and the back garden was a lovely peaceful area.

Best Front Garden: Townsend House – The garden area was very well kept with lots of variety of plants and flowers. The hanging baskets on the walkway to the front door were very colourful and welcoming and there were lots of lovely touches such as bird baths, benches and a little village with the houses being handmade by a previous resident.

Runner up: Meadowcroft

Best Rear Garden: Meadowcroft – With so much variety and added extras, this garden really had it all. The smells and colours were amazing and lots of thought had gone in to making it special for the residents.

Runner up: Langford View

Best Hanging Basket: Langford View– Although a difficult one to judge, the bright yellow and pale blue flowers really caught the attention as it was a very unusual colour combination but worked so well.

Runner up: Marston Court

Best Veg/Border: Lake House – The handyman at Lake House had worked very hard with the vegetable garden. There was a lot of variety including green beans, cabbages, onions, courgettes and tomatoes and evidence of a lot of lovely looking produce.

Runner up: Madley Park

Best Planter/Tub/Container: Marston Court – At the front of the house there were a number of fantastic tubs and containers filled with bright flowers. It made the home very warm and welcoming and the colour combinations worked so well.

Runner up: Larkrise

Best ‘Celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday: Larkrise – The design for their entry was very simple, but very effective. A lovely ‘90’ sign hung above an amazing display of a bench full of lots of vibrant flowers. It was a real eye catcher.

Runner up: Longlands/Meadowcroft

Trustee Special Award: Old Station House for most improved garden since 2015. Although Old Station House doesn’t have a very big garden, they had really made an effort this year. The garden was kept very neat and tidy with some lovely hanging baskets, shrubs and flowers.

ECH Best Garden: Mayott House – The garden was lovely with lots of bright flowers and a very nicely kept vegetable garden. Special thanks goes to Jean who by far puts the most effort in to the garden and keeps it looking as lovely as it is so that other residents can enjoy it.