Local grandmother Ann Lee explains how respite care for her husband Peter at The Lakes Care Centre in South Cerney has benefitted them both and their family.

Ann and Peter have been married for 47 years, they have had three children together and have welcomed five grandchildren. In 2005, Peter suffered a stroke which has left Ann being Peter’s main carer. Peter was still working as an estate agent at the time of his stroke and it was very unexpected. Peter now struggles with his memory and his physical condition has become progressively worse as he loses muscle tone.

Ann and Peter moved to the Cotswolds four years ago to be closer to family, but of course Ann still gets very tired being the main carer. Ann and Peter have tried respite care a few times over the years and most recently at The Lakes Care Centre in South Cerney.

At home Ann is restricted on when she can go out shopping, when she can spend time with her friends and even just having some time in the garden.

During Peter’s latest stay at The Lakes Care Centre, Ann was able to have a few days away in Eastbourne with her son, grandchildren and their dog. Ann could enjoy some downtime knowing Peter was safe and happy at The Lakes.

Peter is comfortable staying at The Lakes and he likes the staff. Ann also feels at home at The Lakes with the friendly team and homely environment.

Ann says: “A short stay at The Lakes has given me the chance to recharge my batteries and have some freedom from being on call 24/7. It is essential for my health that I have a break too”.

Without the option of a short stay in a care setting Ann and her family would struggle to provide routine care for Peter and they would not be able to enjoy their time together as much as they do. When Peter is staying at The Lakes all the family are welcome to visit at any time and they can join him for meals or sit with him in the on-site café or in the large gardens.

The team at The Lakes is delighted to be able to support Peter and Ann, along with many other couples just like them in similar situations. If you would like to find out more about respite care at The Lakes Care Centre, please call 01285 702410 where the friendly team will welcome your enquiry.