Cycling for 36 hours sounds like quite an overwhelming crusade, but when it’s done for a good cause, it was an easy decision for employees at The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT).

OSJCT’s Bemerton Lodge in Salisbury is hoping to make a difference during Dementia Action Week, when colleagues from around the Trust will be jumping on a static bike and cycling, nonstop, from Tuesday 22nd May at 9am to Wednesday 23rd May at 9pm. 

Creatively dubbed ‘Ride into Action’ by the team at Bemerton Lodge, the objective of the ride is to raise funds for Dementia UK and Alzheimer's Society, as well as Bemerton Lodge.

“We thought the fundraiser would both be a fantastic way to raise vital funds, raise awareness for Dementia Action Week, and bring the community together. We are appealing for members of the community to come and take part in the bike ride with us, and are hoping to maintain and initiate new links to the wider community,” Bemerton Lodge’s Head of Care, Gemma Whatley, said.

Along with the home’s frontline employees, OSJCT’s CEO, Dan Hayes, and Head of Volunteering, Kit Lendon, will be taking turns to peddle their way into Dementia Action Week.

“Many of our residents live with dementia, and our employees are dedicated to providing support and care to those residents and their loved ones. The least I could do is jump on a bike and help support this wonderful campaign to raise awareness and funding. I’m really impressed with the amount of support my colleagues have given for this event and I can’t wait to get involved,” Dan said.

Friends of friends have also signed up to take part, with some carers taking the overnight shift. Bemerton Lodge Home Manager, Carol Wootton, has volunteered for several of the slots, racking up four hours on the bike.

“It’ll be tough peddling for four hours, but I am determined! I am so pleased so many of our colleagues have signed up to take part in this and I can’t wait to see how we all go,” Carol said.