There was toe-tapping aplenty this weekend when the Wachumba drummers joined The Orders of St John (OSJCT) care home, Stirlings, for their summer fete in Wantage on Saturday.

Aiming to raise money towards a minibus for the home, Stirlings rolled out all the elements of a traditional British summer fete: cake and book stalls, face painting, hoopla, lawn games, a tombola and a raffle with great prizes. This year, however, there was a twist on the traditional when Summertown-based drumming group Wachumba performed some of their African pieces for residents, friends and family.

Wachumba, which means ‘couples’ in Swahili, has been playing together for three years. The group was founded by musician Paul Lewis and consists of three couples who have a passion for the rhythm and percussive beats of Africa. Wachumba has performed for other OSJCT care homes in Oxfordshire who have all enjoyed this new flavour of drumming and percussion.

The rain held off during the performances on Saturday as percussion instruments were handed out to the audience who were encouraged to play along while the group kept time on their bongo drums. The audience were then invited to try out each of the drums and note the difference in tone and timbre of each.

Stirlings’ Activities Coordinator Angela Lindsay said: “We are so grateful to Wachumba for entertaining us and for getting us closer to reaching our fundraising goal of having a minibus at Stirlings. The minibus would make such a huge difference to the lives of our residents; we would be able to organise regular local trips to places like the garden centre where residents have enjoyed going their whole lives, as well as providing new experiences by offering longer day trips further afield.”

All the money raised on the day will go towards the Stirlings minibus fund; check back soon for more fundraising updates.