• Huntingtower Community Primary School pupils put their ideas about life in 2064 into the Apple Trees Care Centre time capsule
  • Residents of Apple Trees and children from Huntingtower Community Primary School in Grantham ready to bury the time capsule.

As our new Apple Trees Care & Reablement Centre opens in Grantham, residents joined with local children to bury a time capsule in the grounds.

The first residents are already settling into their brand new home in Grantham. Apple Trees Care & Reablement Centre offers luxury living with specialist care and support for people living with dementia, as well as a short stay (intermediate care) unit.  Residents joined children from the local Huntingtower Community Primary School to bury a time capsule in the grounds.

Items that went into the capsule included the childrens' ideas about what life might be like fifty years from now, in 2064.  There were some wonderful stories and pictures which will no doubt prove fascinating to whoever digs up the capsule in the future!

Find out more about Apple Trees by calling telephone no: 01476 542700.