The homes across the Trust were fully engaged with various activities to participate on this national day which had a theme of ‘Celebrating Arts in Care’.

We would like to thank all those involved and from the local communities who made the day extra special. Our residents are at the heart of everything we do and it was wonderful to see them enjoying themselves and interacting in music and art with all those around them.

Many of our colleagues resurfaced hidden talents which included singing to their home audiences. For example, Whitefriars in Lincolnshire home manager (Shelly Perry) performed to the residents and at Grace Care Centre in Wiltshire the general manager (Peter Moore) played the piano whilst sales executive (Phil McAllister) serenaded the residents with a medley of Irish songs. Monkscroft Care Centre in Gloucestershire displayed a beautiful art exhibition and had many local and regional dignitaries drop by including students from the local college who spent time conversing with the residents. In Oxfordshire, Spencer Court fully immersed themselves with the local town by displaying art work in local galleries.