There are many benefits of volunteering with us.

Induction and training

All volunteers will complete an induction prior to commencing their role within our homes. There will also be opportunities for additional training if desired


All volunteers are given a named person with whom to discuss their volunteering experience and share any issues or problems they might be facing.


Volunteers will be reimbursed for approved out of pocket expenses (as long as they can produce the appropriate receipts).


All new volunteers will receive an OSJCT branded T-shirt which can be worn whilst volunteering.


Our insurance will cover volunteers to undertake their role, provided that they have been approved or authorised by us first and have undertaken an induction as detailed above.

Personal Benefits

Everyone volunteers for different reasons, but some common personal benefits gained by volunteering are:

  • Increased Confidence
  • Work Experience
  • Opportunites to be a part of larger scale volunteering e.g. Events
  • Meet new friends
  • Feel part of a team
  • Learn new skills

For further information on volunteering, please contact your local regional Volunteer & Events Manager: