OSJCT is an Accredited Activity Provider (AAP) for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

OSJCT is proud to be an Accredited Activity Provider for DofE, enabling young people to fulfil the volunteering element of their Award with us.

By choosing to do this, you will be part of a team of people, of different ages and from different backgrounds, all of whom are dedicated to delivering the highest possible levels of care to our residents.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet and get to know the residents in the home where you’re working. You may be surprised to find how diverse they are, and what interesting life experiences they can share with you.

There is a wide range of different activities going on in the homes, and your contribution to helping with these, and other tasks, will be greatly appreciated by all of us.

You may already be interested in pursuing a career in medicine or healthcare, in which case this volunteering opportunity will be of great benefit to you. Equally, if you’ve had no experience of the care sector, working in one of our homes will give you a great insight – and might open your eyes to the possibilities a career in care could offer.

Come and see for yourself!

To find out more about OSJCT, go to our home page, or select one of the items on the menu bar (above).

To learn more about DofE, go to their website - www.dofe.org or if you are already on a course and are looking to do your volunteering in one of our homes, please contact your regional Volunteer & Events Manager: volunteer@osjct.co.uk