Nursing Care

What is nursing care?

What is nursing care?

Nursing care is when the care is supervised by Registered Nurses who are on duty all day and all night.

Registered Nurses are trained to recognise symptoms and changes in a resident’s condition, and therefore able to make decisions when to call a doctor or other health professional. 

Nursing care provides 24-hour clinical support and assistance, such as skin and wound dressings, specialist medication/nutritional prescription administration, personal care planning for complex conditions including emotional and mental wellbeing.

What is nursing care in an OSJCT care home?

What is nursing care in an OSJCT care home?

Nursing care in an OSJCT home provides residents with expert medical support within a specialist environment that is tailored to their individual needs.

Care and treatment would be personalised following a full assessment and delivered around-the-clock, at times that are planned and convenient with the resident.

In OSJCT homes residents, their families and employees also have specialist support from the Admiral Nurse team. OSJCT Admiral Nurses provide the specialist dementia support that families need. When times may be challenging or difficult, OSJCT Admiral Nurses work alongside residents living with dementia, their families and carers, giving them one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions.

Who is nursing care suited for?

Who is nursing care suited for?

Nursing care is best suited for:

  • people living with complex care needs
  • people who are immobile and living with significant long-term medical conditions 
  • people who require additional care equipment/adapted environments to suit their needs, such as specialist beds, hoists and baths 
  • people who have received serious neurological injuries following a stroke or other diagnosed conditions resulting in complex care needs

Who would be suited to living in one of our OSJCT nursing homes?

Who would be suited to living in one of our OSJCT nursing homes?

Individuals who have an illness or clinical condition that requires frequent medical attention would be suited to living in one of our nursing homes.

They will be cared for by a skilled care team led by a Registered Nurse who can recognise changes to their medical conditions/ symptoms or emotional/mental wellbeing promptly and commence any action required.  

24 hours, 7 days a week to provide specialised and personalised care for our residents. Our nurses are supported by a team of dedicated and experienced carers, who will assist our nurses in giving all aspects of personal care.

Our nurses are trained to care for people with many conditions, including: 

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis 
  • Huntingdon’s Disease
  • Following a Stroke
  • Rehabilitation after an illness or operation
  • Cancer
  • End of Life Care 
  • Dementia related nursing
  • Visual Impairment 
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Speech Impairment 

“My Mum loved gardening and during the summer they encourage her to get out in the garden and help tend the flower beds (even though she can only hold the trowel). This is an exceptional caring home.”

Daughter of resident at Grevill House

Why choose nursing care in an OSJCT home? 

Why choose nursing care in an OSJCT home? 

With many different options available, we understand that choosing the right care, within the right setting, can often be a difficult decision. You must have peace of mind that the place you choose will cater for all the complex care needs experienced, along with providing the right environment for physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing.  

With well-established and effective relationships at local Surgeries/General Practices, Pharmacies, Parkinson’s/Diabetes Specialist Nurses and other Healthcare Professional teams further support is always close to hand.

Our care homes with nursing provide opportunities for social interaction and stimulation at any time of day as well as round-the-clock medical care. There is choice and flexibility when deciding on all aspects of life with us at OSJCT.

Before any decisions to join us there would be a comprehensive health and care needs assessment which will recommend which type of care would be most appropriate.  

What is a typical day like for those living in an OSJCT home?

What is a typical day like for those living in an OSJCT home?

At OSJCT, we know that social and mental stimulation can have a positive therapeutic effect, and our varied activities programmes play a big part in this. Our dedicated activities co-ordinators organise a wide range of events to cater for all interests, and they will adapt activities to make them accessible to all. The team are always delighted to assist with the continuation of existing hobbies, as well as encouraging everyone to try something new.  
Our kitchen teams prepare tasty homecooked meals on-site and cater for individual dietary requirements, preferences and allergies. All-day dining is available for lighter meals and snacks, and all dishes are carefully balanced to provide the best nutritional value.
Our nursing residents also benefit from additional affordable services such as visits from chiropodists and hairdressers.


“The staff are professional, kind and supportive. Good food, activities and entertainment keep the residents happy. Athelstan is a place of laughter and fun and caring and knowledge that your loved one is safe.”

Wife of resident at Athelstan House

We have created a Nursing Care Brochure to help you understand the service that The Orders of St John Care Trust can provide for those requiring nursing care.

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If you would like to find out more about your nearest OSJCT home that provides Nursing, please get in touch or arrange for a visit.

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