Our response to Covid-19 - ensuring safe care, admissions and care home visits.



We have been delighted to give a warm welcome to new residents in the past year and promise highly experienced, dedicated, and skilled professionals will lead the care for anyone moving into an OSJCT home. Our proactive approach to controlling the spread of the virus during the first wave was highly praised and we continue to strive to provide the safest environment possible during this unprecedented global challenge.

Here are ten facts to inform you about care in our homes and schemes during this time:

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  1. 90% of residents and 82% of colleagues have received their first dose of COVID-19 vaccinations. 56% of residents and  40% of colleagues have received the second dose and that number is rising every day.
  2. All employees and residents are regularly tested for COVID-19.
  3. We are 100% PPE compliant. 
  4. Rigorous deep cleaning and infection control protocols are maintained every day.
  5. Boredom is not an option: fun and vibrant activities are carried out within bubbles and socially distanced.
  6. Specific visitor rooms have been created across our homes to enable indoor visits in even the worst weather*
  7. Hundreds of iPads have been given to homes to enable videos calls with loved ones. Colleagues are delighted to support residents in making these calls.
  8. All colleagues take part in on-going training and are kept regularly up to date with the latest guidance.
  9. Professional resilience and well-being support in place for our front-line teams. 
  10. We work closely with the Government and Public Health England to push forward key issues around social care.

*New residents can receive visitors after 14 days of in-room care. Availability of visitor rooms is dependent on Government guidance for regional and national status.

We understand there will be a lot of questions and concerns at this time and have tried to answer them all below.

Admissions FAQ

How can I look around the home?

As visitor numbers are currently strictly controlled, we are unable to facilitate live, in-person tours. Many of our homes have pre-recorded videos to show potential residents and their families what life is like in an OSJCT home and we are delighted to arrange a video call which can include a virtual tour to give you a further feel for the home, its atmosphere and to enable you to see the facilities.

Will I be tested before I move in?

Yes. OSJCT has exceeded all targets for COVID-19 testing for residents and employees as we carry out regular testing on everyone plus additional tests on anyone displaying symptoms.
Other measures include:

  • All residents have their temperature taken daily and are tested immediately if their temperature is raised. 
  • We have pulse oximeters in every home and test all residents’ oxygen levels daily. The equipment measures oxygen levels, as a drop in oxygen saturation level is an early warning sign of both COVID-19 and respiratory problems. This allows us to speak to the resident’s GP, sometimes before any other symptoms are felt.
  • OSJCT employs our own clinical nurse specialist in infection control who has been instrumental in ensuring that our teams have the best protocols and procedures in place at the right time.

Will I have to self-isolate?

Government guidance requires individuals being admitted from hospital to be tested before being discharged to a care home. In addition, in order to support the most vulnerable in our care communities, OSJCT protocols require any new resident coming to the home to be supported by 14 days of in-room care.

Does OSJCT have PPE supplies?

All our homes and schemes have stocks of PPE that far exceed minimum requirements and is being used in line with government guidance. Stock levels are monitored rigorously, and our equipment levels have not been disrupted since lockdown began.

We also have meticulous deep-cleaning practices in place which help ensure the ongoing safety of residents, staff and visitors.

Can family visit OSJCT residents?

Enabling safe visiting is vital to us as we recognise the importance of visits in terms of resident and family member wellbeing and is always utmost in our decision making on visiting protocols. However, we must also follow all Government guidelines and our own expertise and experience to keep residents and employees safe. 

We have installed special visitor rooms across our homes to give us the best chance of keeping visiting going even during the most challenging of periods.

The overall national and regional exceptions can be read on our Coronavirus Information page.

We review our protocols weekly to ensure that our residents are comfortable during visits whilst keeping them protected from the risk of coronavirus. 

How is residents’ wellbeing managed?

Our colleagues in the care homes are not just looking after residents’ physical health, their mental wellbeing is equally important. All homes employ Activity Co-ordinators who provide tailored activities to suit all personalities. So, if you’ve got green fingers, are partial to a party, keen on cookery, or prefer the quiet life and a good supply of puzzles we will ensure you have what you need.

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What is the process for choosing the right home for us?

The key thing is that you thoroughly research your home – it must be right for you and your family. You should visit www.cqc.org.uk and read the homes’ latest Care Quality Commission report, and then head to www.carehome.co.uk where you can see reviews of homes you are interested in.

To discuss our homes, you can contact OSJCT on 0800 9888133 and visit our Find A Home section on the website. In ‘normal circumstances’ we would arrange a visit to the home, so are working hard to arrange as many ‘’virtual visits’ as we can during the Covid-19 restrictions.

How can I find out about finance?

To see if you are entitled to funding, we have prepared a funding document to help you navigate the rules and regulations.

If you do not qualify for council or local authority funding, you can approach The Society of Later Life Advisers, which offers impartial advice on finance for care homes. If you do qualify for funding, or believe you could be entitled to a contribution, you should approach your local authority to find out more.

A financial assessment will then be carried out and you will be able to sign a contract, move in and join our vibrant, supportive community.

Our homes and extra care housing schemes offer long term and short stay care services for those looking for residential, nursing or dementia care.

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