Intermediate Care

When is intermediate care needed?

When is intermediate care needed?

Intermediate care is mostly needed when someone leaves hospital, it helps them recuperate and supports their rehabilitation before returning home. It can sometimes be used to avoid an admission to hospital. It may also be needed to help someone continue to live at home when they are finding daily life increasingly difficult due to an illness or disability and it may be used to prevent a premature, long-term move into residential care.

Intermediate care

The benefits of intermediate care?

The benefits of intermediate care?

Staying in hospital longer than needed can lead to reduced life skills, independence or mobility. Intermediate care can prevent this. No one wants to stay in a hospital longer than they need to.

Intermediate care is a great solution for patients who no longer need to be in an acute hospital setting, but due to the complex nature of their needs, are not yet able to return to their own home and require some extra support.

How OSJCT will support you?

How OSJCT will support you?

At OSJCT, our team will work with you to set achievable goals and plan your care to enable you to become as independent as possible. Every day we will help you work towards your personal goals based on your current health, abilities and wishes. 

Our staff are trained to support and observe, encourage and guide you, so you can do things yourself, rather than to intervene or carry out tasks for you. We will encourage you to carry out tasks you would normally do at home, for example, making your bed, preparing your meals, dressing and undressing and attending to personal hygiene. 

The purpose of intermediate care is to support individuals to return to their own home and to maximise independent living. Our care homes provide a comfortable, sociable and reassuring environment for you to get ready to return to your own home.

Each of our homes has their own unique character - just like our residents, but what they all have in common is the OSJCT ethos of care, where the individual person is at the heart of everything we do.

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In these unprecedented times, our care teams are continuing to provide loving care to all of our residents, who are creating happy memories and we wanted to share some of those inspired moments with our residents and communities.

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