Student paramedics from University of Gloucestershire are spending some time at Edwardstow as part of their training.

Two student paramedics from the University of Gloucestershire are spending two weeks at Edwardstow Court to experience life in a care home. Over these two weeks they are shadowing our team as well as spending time with our residents.

One of the main purposes of the training with Edwardstow is to build upon communication skills. Seeing our team members interacting with residents in sometimes difficult situations plus their own experiences in the home will help the students to develop.

One of the student paramedics Laura Draper said, “I really like Edwardstow, I’m really interested in dementia care and I’m always kept on my toes, never knowing what to expect”.

When the placement at Edwardstow has ended the students will move on to a special needs school before returning to university.  The students are in their first year of a 3-year course.

In July, Laura and her fellow students will have their first experiences with the ambulance crew and will be out with South West ambulances working long shifts with them.

Our residents have loved seeing some new faces and we wish all the students the best of luck with their training.