Monkscroft Care Centre in Cheltenham’s latest Monkscroft Café was especially Oscars themed.

Following the success of the Rio Carnival themed café, carers Rad and Patricia planned an Oscars themed café this time and they pulled out all the stops. The tables were covered in gold glitter, there were Oscars statues made and the team and residents were suited and booted to match!

The café was a real team effort where everyone got involved, Rad was making cocktails and mocktails, there was a variety of delicious cakes and of course a few glasses of bubbles! Patricia said “We are a group of friends with great compassion in making a difference to the lives of our residents and their families. We are very fortunate to be able to share our talents and take everyone to magical places like Rio de Janeiro, Hollywood and the Caribbean Islands, which was followed by delicious drinks, colourful cocktails, great music, dancing and fabulous outfits from around the world. It’s incredibly rewarding to make everyone happy and if we can get a smile back then that’s all that matters, and we will continue to run the cafes with great pleasure”.

 The Oscars themed café was attended by residents, their family and members of the team. It is a great opportunity for residents who may not be able to make it out to a coffee shop, to have the coffee shop experience and having the opportunity to choose from the different ranges of coffee.

Rad said “From my point of view it is a dream to work in a bar and give people joy and happiness in seeing others together with their families. This exactly what Monkscroft café is all about”.

Patricia and Rad are busy thinking up ideas for the next special Monkscroft café.